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India’s unemployment rate is at 5% in 2015-16, with females having the highest unemployment rate and lowest Labour Force Participation Rate (LFPR), both in rural and urban areas. Unemployment Rate 8.7 for women and 4% for men Unemployment rate for Urban – 12.1 & rural 7.8 The Labour Force Participation Rate for females 23.7 and men is 75%.

These statistics and figures are staggering but they don't signify lack of skills or abilities among women. These figures are a result of lack of availability and accessibility to jobs for women in urban and rural sector. Every house needs domestic help, every office needs a receptionist, every beauty parlour a beautician and every boutique a tailor. Neither there's a dearth of jobs nor skilled women workers. However, the gap between these two in immense.

Naukri4her will help bridge this gap. It is medium which will connect

Women in need of jobs


People who can employ them

Naukri4her is connecting Women who can work with those who can employ them.

We aren't giving them jobs. It is YOU who is creating employment opportunities for them. By giving these women financial independence (in terms of their salaries) you are empowering them.

How does it work?

For Getting Jobs

  • Women register with us. (Download EE Form PDF)
  • Address Proof & Photograph is compulsory.
  • Her skills and work area preference are noted.
  • Police Verification is mandatory.
  • Contact Details are taken
  • Whenever, there's requirement depending upon her skills and work area preference, the lady is informed through call and SMS. The caller details are shared with her.
  • The woman would coordinate with the caller about the salary, timings and working hours.
  • Naukri4her isn't responsible for any theft or illegal activity committed by the employee nor has the liability of the employee at the workplace.

For Hiring

  • Registration is compulsory. (Download ER Form PDF)
  • Once registered, your requirements are noted.
  • Depending upon the availability and your requirements profile of a suitable women employee is shared. Mainly contact details are shared.
  • The woman is also informed about your requirements and your contact details are also shared with her.
  • Other details regarding salary, timing etc. is negotiated between the Employer & Employee.

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